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  • KAKAÓBÉRLET 14:30_2021

The event is about 2.5 hours long.

About the event

A Cocoa Concert is an initiation. A classical musical experience for children aged 5 to 12 filled with humor, storytelling and games. At our nearly one-hour-long afternoon events, instead of being bombarded by stimuli children are taught to be engrossed in music. This season, we once again welcome families to our cozy, interactive concerts and a cup of hot cocoa.

Together with the Nemzetközi Cseperedő Alapítvány (an international foundation to support children and their families living with autism) we have developed an autism-friendly version of our Cocoa Concerts to ensure children with autism can also have a good time. Families are sent some information materials in advance to help them prepare the children for the concert’s visual and audio stimuli, ensuring the children do not encounter anything unexpected during the concert.

Cocoa Concerts FAQ

Valid tickets are required (both for children and adults) to attend each performance.Latecomers can join the concert only in the intermissions between the musical pieces.Cloakroom is mandatory and free of charge.Bigger bags should be placed in the cloakroom.Eating and drinking is not allowed during the performance.If possible, please use the toilets before the performance, not to disturb the concert.Instruments in the rehearsal hall are our treasures, please take care of them!

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